Las Vegas – Troy Clark – Adoption Verdict

On December 7, 2016, Troy Clark, from our Las Vegas Office, obtained a defense verdict in a trial arising out of a disputed adoption.  The firm represented a child adoption agency being defended by Adoption Assistance Agency (AAA).   Plaintiffs’ alleged damages based on negligence and fraudulent misrepresentations in connection with the adoption process.

The trial was limited to whether or not their relinquishment was valid in family court with a pending litigation in civil court for monetary damages.  Plaintiffs’ counsel hinted at a million dollar settlement based upon generalizations and punitive damages.  We were able to significantly discredit the Plaintiff in trial.  We moved for a directed verdict upon the closing of the Plaintiff’s case and the Court dismissed their case, ruling that their actions were valid.  As a result of this ruling, there is a significant question as to whether the civil claim will proceed any further.

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