Bremer Whyte Wins Big for Ventura Berry Farmers

Bremer Whyte’s attorneys win a complete defense verdict on behalf of Anacapa Berry Farms in Ventura County.  Plaintiff Erik Morales brought suit against Anacapa Berry Farms alleging he was exposed to pesticides on an Oxnard strawberry farm in 2007 before he was born.  The Plaintiff was born with hemifacial microsomia (a physical facial deformation in which one side of the face is underdeveloped), which he alleged was as a result of his mother’s pesticide exposure during her pregnancy.

Our firm successfully established that the pesticide application at the farm simply did not occur when fieldworkers were present.  It was also established that the farm received no violations in 2007 from any governmental regulatory agency including the County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office and the Department of Pesticide Regulations.  It was also established by Bremer Whyte’s experts that there was simply no causal link between the Plaintiff’s defects and the alleged pesticide exposure.  Though it was undisputed that Plaintiff suffers from a significant birth defect and undoubtedly difficult for the jury to decide the issues, the jury was able to set aside their emotions and award zero damages to Plaintiff.

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