Pressure’s on for Jerry Brown to Sign State MMJ Bills

OCTOBER 8, 2015:  State-wide support has erupted; calling on Governor Jerry Brown to sign the three medical marijuana bills that sit on his desk and await his signature.

Gov. Brown’s deadline to sign the bills is this Sunday, October 11, at midnight; otherwise the three bills (AB 266, SB 643, and AB 243) which passed the California Legislature on September 11, 2015, will automatically become law without his signature.

The East Bay Express reported, it’s suspected the wait is “a matter of pomp and circumstance.”

“Capitol insiders say it would be very strange for the governor to either veto or just plain not sign the bills. The Governor’s Office brokered the final language of the bills,” the East Bay Express reported.

Since the California Legislature passed the three Bills in a last minute, late night vote on September 11, 2015, state officials, representatives, organization leaders, cops, and newspaper editors have held press conferences and written editorials requesting the Governor to sign the bills, and to sign them today.

Excerpts of some statements are below:

Humboldt County Board Supervisor Mark Lovelace said in a Press Conference:

“For far too many years, too many people were unable or unwilling to let the word ‘marijuana’ appear in policy or to even say the word at full volume. . .That unwillingness to elevate marijuana from a punchline to a policy issue has given this industry unique immunity from all taxes, bookkeeping standards, labor laws and environmental regulation which in turn has made it a magnet for criminals and those who don’t care what wreckage they leave in their wake. That has to end.”

Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, said in a Press Conference:

“California has needed to provide clear direction on how to move forward on medical marijuana, and now I think we’ve achieved that goal…All the stakeholders came to the table — law enforcement, local agencies, patient advocates, medical marijuana businesses, and even Governor Jerry Brown’s staff participated in helping to create what we have before him to sign, hopefully in the next few days.”

Times-Standard Editorial:

 “Together, as soon as they’re graced by the stroke of a gubernatorial pen, Assembly Bills 243 and 266 and Senate Bill 643 will help drag the marijuana industry — some of it kicking and screaming — at long last into the light.”

LA Times Editorial:

“…lawmakers cannot continue to ignore the state’s booming medical marijuana industry, nor the possibility that voters will get a ballot measure in 2016 to legalize recreational use. Sign the bills, governor, and let’s get started on the hard work of cleaning up the state’s marijuana mess.”

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viridisPressure’s on for Jerry Brown to Sign State MMJ Bills

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