Our Cannabis Business Practice is focused on partnering with entrepreneurs to give them the legal tools to help them grow their business and navigate the ever-changing state and local cannabis legal landscape. We have offices and attorneys in California, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado and significant legal and regulatory expertise needed to represent your business in the rapidly growing cannabis industry. For nearly a decade, the veteran cannabis industry lawyers on our team have worked in State and Federal Cannabis Law, Criminal Law, Governmental Relations, Policy and Legislation.

Viridis Law GroupTM is a division of Bremer Whyte Brown & O’Meara, LLP (“Bremer Whyte”), an AV-rated firm that provides a full range of transactional and litigation services to businesses and individuals. Bremer Whyte was recently selected as one of Orange County Business Journal’s Top 20 Law Firms. With more than 100 attorneys and offices in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Northern California, Las Vegas, Reno, Phoenix, and Denver, we take great pride as a full-service law firm committed to high-quality and responsive legal services.

Our team of dedicated legal experts provides comprehensive legal services to cannabis industry businesses, working hard to protect your company and investment by ensuring that your business complies with all regulations, representing you in disputes, and advising you on day-to-day transactional matters. We also represent individuals and groups facing criminal marijuana charges.

Our attorneys have advised and represented small businesses and large corporations, medical cannabis collectives, municipal and governmental entities, and individual clients. Some of our team’s accomplishments include:


Bremer Whyte formed Viridis Law Group, a subsidiary cannabis practice, to accommodate the legal needs of the growing cannabis industry. The patchwork of state and federal laws governing cannabis has grown increasingly complex, and legal tools and expertise are necessary for a cannabis business to navigate the system in full compliance.

By bringing together attorneys who are known as leaders in their practice areas and who have diverse backgrounds of experience, we aimed to build the “Dream Team” in the field of cannabis law. The people in our firm have shaped federal and local policies, negotiated and closed multi-million dollar deals, managed companies, litigated civil and criminal cases, published articles, and become renowned experts in the industry.

Viridis is a proud member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and our founding partner is a board member of the California Cannabis Industry Association. Our attorneys are members of the NORML Legal Committee in addition to being associated with several local and specialty bar organizations.


Our firm envisions a thriving and responsible marketplace for cannabis and cannabis-based products. Despite the federal government’s current stance on cannabis, we believe that clients operating a cannabis businesses deserve competent and knowledgeable counsel just like any other client. We foresee the coming of new regulatory structures that will facilitate responsible business activity in the industry and allow entrepreneurs to realize their product’s true potential. We are passionate about cannabis policy and our clients’ goals.

The last few years have ushered in a new era in Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon, and we believe that 2016 will bring a wave of change to California and other states. If Colorado serves as an example for how other states’ recreational cannabis systems will operate, then companies that can obtain medical licenses prior to legalization will likely be grandfathered in and will have an advantage when obtaining recreational licenses.

Our goal is not just to advise clients about the law, but also to shape the law in ways that are supportive to sustainable business. We will advocate on your behalf and invest ourselves in the cannabis industry.

DISCLAIMER: The use, possession, cultivation, distribution and all other activities related to marijuana are illegal under United States federal law, regardless of whether or not such activities are for medical purposes. Our counsel and services are limited to activities related to marijuana that are in compliance with applicable state statutes, rules and regulations, and are not intended to aid or abet in the violation of any applicable laws.

Pro Bono

At Bremer Whyte’s Marijuana Corporate Law practice, we’re not just lawyers–we’re social activists who seek to clear the path for individuals and groups looking to enter the marijuana industry. That’s why we are willing to take on cases for clients we believe in, even if that client’s budget is limited. Our intake process for such pro bono cases is highly selective, but if we see a creative and solid business plan supported by experienced and trustworthy people, we’ll do what we can to help.